Keeping kids entertained through lockdown

We all know how active children are. Keeping them inside for days seems impossible how do we keep them locked up for months? Many people are trying to find ways to make life at home feel normal for our kids.
We’ve found some simple and enjoyable ways to keep everyone in the family entertained and most importantly our children

Footpath Art.
Using chalk to draw on the footpath is not only fun but it can be educational. Try drawing the times tables on the footpath or practicing your spelling with your kids. Get busy and take everyone out for a home school day on the footpath.

Lounge Room Fort.
We all did it as kids. Didn’t we? Making a fort can be challenging, but with the right amount of chairs from your kitchen, or the couch in the living room, blankets & pillows from the bedroom. You can make your fort as big as you want. Start by placing all your chairs in an area big enough for your creation then lay all your blankets over the chairs until you are happy with how it looks. Decorate your masterpiece with pillows to stabilise the blankets. Don’t forget a doona to keep the kids off the cold floor.
Now sit back and relax watch some TV, read a book or colour in your favourite colouring book!

Get Icky and Sticky.
Do you ever feel like you need a bit of fluffy slime in your life I know do. Let’s face it Kids love getting icky & sticky surprise them with this fluffy slime recipe. They’ll Love it.

Start with 4 cups of shaving cream into a large mixing bowl. Add half a cup of PVA / wood glue and mix thoroughly. Add half a teaspoon of baking soda and continue to mix. One table spoon of saline solution, and some food coloring if you’re feeling colorful and mix together until you are happy with your fluffy slime.

It’s time to get your slime on.

Rock Art.
Who knew you could use those front lawn accessories and turn them into an amazing colorful piece of art? Find yourself a rock or stone and get creative with paint. Use one rock or make an entire story. Place them artfully in your front garden for people walking by.

Leaf Hunt.
Challenge your kids to a race. How any different shaped or colored leaves in your back or front yard. After you have found ten leaves you can stick it on a piece of paper and create some art.

Gypsy Allura
Author: Gypsy Allura