Big Cats in Victoria
Are there big cats in Victoria?

For many years, big cat sighting have caught the imagination of many. Stories about how big cats entered the Australian wilderness are varied with the most popular being that circus animals escaped into the Australian bush without ever being caught.
There have been a few pictures crop up here and there, but nothing of high quality. Proof, even after many years of searching is still eluding researchers.
There is some evidence to suggest that big cats are roaming the Australian bush, such as animal kills and footprints.
We thought we would dive through the archives and pull out some stories of big cat sightings in the Moorabool area.

“We saw something looked like a big cat disappear into thick bush just off Moorabool West Rd Gordon near the highway a few years ago. Very quick, blinked and it was gone”

“We saw one in them there hills on school army cadet camp in the 1973 years”

“It’s true! When I was a young girl, hiking with my dad, we saw a massive black cat. It looked like a panther. People may think I’m mad but I’m telling the truth.”

Then there’s a post we did recently, with these stories coming in.

“I remember when I was a young bloke, I saw a cow in a paddock with scratch marks on its back. They didn’t look like anything I had seen before. The wound looked like it had done some healing, but there were 4 clear scratch marks on the back of the cow.”

“I was travelling on Spargo Creek Rd adjacent to the highway when I saw the back of a large animal run into the long grass on the roadside. The thing that stuck out the most was the length of the animals tail. It was black and very thick. It was no ordinary cat. It was daylight when I saw it. I stopped the car where I saw it and looked into the paddock where it ran. But I couldn’t see it.”

“Driving through the Brisbane Ranges around 1990, drove around a corner and a very big black cat ran down the slope from the trees and across the road. Not a domestic or feral. Very large with long thick tail with curl on the end”

It’s hard to imagine, but in our research, we came across a story that in the 1980’s, at least one lion escaped from an open-range zoo near Bacchus Marsh. The lion roamed the area for some time before being recaptured.
While there’s no real evidence of large cats roaming the Victorian landscape, there are still many people that believe their existence.

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  1. I have seen a big cat locally, a long time ago though. 15 -20 years ago driving west in Rowsley Valley near Glenmore, narrow road and big cat crossed in front of me, south to north. Black, big head and very long tail, and from head to tip was about the width of road! I stopped and got out but it had disappeared into scrub. I started to look for it, but was too scared to leave the car, as it was similar size to me. Drove back a few times over the next few days but didn’t see any sign and looked for footprints, but couldn’t be sure where I had seen it. I came over a rise and it was a sort of creek bridge with scrub on both sides of the road. I thought it was close to steep end but went back and couldn’t recognize the place. It would be long dead now.

  2. No sorry – I regret that. Thought of asking farmers if they had had sheep losses but never did it.
    And yes absolutely clear sighting – and its head was much bigger compared to its body to any domestic cat I’ve seen, and a very long tail – like as long as its body sticking straight out behind it.

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