How to get the most out of your WiFi Signal.

WiFi Range
Increase your WiFi capability.

At Ballan Computers, we often get asked about improving a clients WiFi signal. In some cases we can improve the signal based on factors onsite. Other times we need to install range extenders or arrange to install additional cabling. So what can you do to improve your WiFi Signal? 

Modem Placement. 

– Make sure your modem is in a clear central location in the home or business. Typically, a Wifi range is around 25-35 metres depending on what factors are impacting our WiFi. Usable distance can be reduced by walls, and other obstacles. 

– Ideally your modem should be placed on a desk or elevated shelf so the signal can travel downwards. You should never place your modem close to the floor as there are a lot more obstacles. Dust is another factor, you don’t want dust collecting. 

Try not to place your modem in the kitchen. Metals and bodies of water will affect your signal. The shed is another area to avoid. Particularly if you park your car in the shed. 

Use 5Ghz instead of 2Ghz.

5GHz will provide a faster connection from your modem to your device. If your device is incompatible with 5Ghz, the 2Ghz option will still be available for these devices. 

Find a better channel

When you get your modem from your supplier, it is automatically set to a specific channel. In some cases changing the channel can have an effect on your connection. If you’re able to see other peoples WiFi modems, you could be competing with them for coverage on a specific channel. If you change the channel, you can still see the other WiFi but you wont be competing on the same channel. 

Install a Range Extender

A range extender can be a great addition to a WiFi network. If your modem is at the front of your home, a range extender can be placed further back into the premises and connected to the modem via WiFi creating a much larger WiFi zone. We’ve installed range extenders to improve internal WiFi but also to create a WiFi connection beyond the house into unattached sheds. 

If your WiFi needs a boost, Ballan Computers are able to assist. Our onsite techs can help work out what your best solutions is. 
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