Tips For Exercising During Lockdown.

Lockdown Workout
Lockdown Workout

Exercise is difficult at any time of year. Even more difficult with the COVID-19 lock downs in place. Most gyms are closed throughout the pandemic, so what can you do at home to help burn away those extra calories?

Before you do any type of exercise, its important to warm up, make sure you do some soft low impact moves to get he blood flowing.

Here’s some Tips to help you get going at home.

  • Challenge your partner. Pick an exercise you can both easily do and see who can do it the longest or do more repetitions. You are also less likely to give up if you have a workout buddy.
  • Schedule your workout. Make time for it, don’t be one of those people that says, I was going to work out, but the tub of yogurt was starring at me.
  • Track your progress. Watching yourself get in extra sets or losing weight is a great motivator. Once you hit your goal, make another.
  • Create a workout space. Allocate an area specifically designated for exercise. Having a specific space will remind you that you need to work out today.
  • Use weights for resistance training. If you don’t have weights, improvise, a 2 litre bottle, a bag of spuds, a backpack filled with heavy items.
  • Don’t go overboard. If you got too hard too early, you will create a ‘this hurts’ mentality. Keep your workouts manageable.
  • Increase intensity as you improve your fitness, again, don’t go too hard too early, you don’t want it to feel like work.
  • Drink water. It is important that you replace the fluid you lose in your workout. 2 litres of water a day should be your goal.
  • Make sure your workout clothes are clean, dry & laid out ready for you to grab whenever you need them. Not having your gym clothes ready could result in a ‘I have to find everything’ thought process which could lead to you giving up before you even start.

If you are struggling for ideas throughout the lockdown, there are many great resources online. Give some of them a go.

Author: Dev