Popular apps for lockdown.

Popular Lockdown Apps
Popular Lockdown Apps

During lockdown, we are spending a lot more time on our phones. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc are always going to be popular, but what else is out there?

Tik Tok

Tik Tok has reportedly been the most popular app download throughout the COVID crisis. Tik Tok users make their own dance videos and upload them. Teens and young adults are loving the app. Seriously..

Zoom, House Party

Apps that allow multiple connections via video have been extremely popular to catch up with family but also for working from home and business calls.


Duolingo is a great app for those wanting to learn a new language. While there are many apps out there for this, Duolingo seems to be the popular choice.

7 Minute workout

A popular app that promises to work out every muscle in your body with 12 high intensity, 7 minute workouts. With an app store rating of 4.7, not only is it popular, but its very well liked by its users.

Down Dog.

Down Dog is an app that has been very popular for those wanting to stay fit throughout the crisis. With great customisation options, Down Dog is one of the most popular yoga apps available.

Covid Safe

You guessed it, a simple app that uses Bluetooth to log your movements in relation to other app users. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you simply press a button on the app so the Australian government can get to work updating and following up people you may have been in contact with. Privacy has been a big talking point, but the Australian Government says privacy wont be an issue if you’re using the app.